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About Us

We manage your workforce in the field and give you real-time feedback

Easy setup

Talk to us first so that we can understand your needs and set you up an account. After that, you can access Routes Direct through our desktop app or any of the mobile apps available. You can create your own users inside your organisation and invite them to download the mobile app so that they can instantly access Routes Direct. It's really a painless and straightforward process.

What you'll get

You'll get an application to manage your field service team. If you provide a maintenance or delivery service to your customers, then Routes Direct fits your business like a glove. If you simply have a mobile workforce our there and you want to establish a work plan for them, knowing what they're doing and when they're doing it, then you must try one of our many flavours, according to your specific business.


Routes Direct works everywhere and in all kind of devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop). We all know that internet coverage is far from being ideal in many regions. We've invested a lot in our technology to make it work seamlessly online or offline, even if you have loads of data to feed in. Data is intelligently synced across all your devices so that you're always on top of your activity.

Dedicated support

We'll walk you all the way through the initial setup and integration process. Our team of experienced professionals will always be available for you, in the good and in the bad moments. Our software evolves fast, following our customers demands. You can always expect Routes Direct to be aligned with the most updated technology, bringing you the best experience in an ever changing world.


See in more detail how it works.

Work load visibility

Immediate activity overview after singing in.

Where to go

See where to go next. Click on the address to navigate to the customer using your device maps application. Click on the phone link to call your customer.

What to do

Have an immediate glance at what to do and where, once arrived to the customer.

And... Action!

Press start and off you go! The clock starts ticking and your time on the job gets recorded. The back-office knows where you are, for how long, and what you're doing. Add line-items (parts, products,...) at will

See what's comming

Use the filters on the left pane to guide you. All your past and future activity should be there.

Proof of delivery

Capture you customer signature with ease. As an option, you can send the customer an email right after your service is done.

Barcode scanner

Scan your products or equipments instead of typing all those references manually. You'll go much faster...

Visit observations

See immediately any relevant notes about about the customer you're visiting.

User management

Admin users can manage regular users with ease. They can also assume their identities and perform actions in their place. This is useful for remote training.

And much more!

Talk to us to discover Routes Direct full potential.

App download

Choose your native platform and get started!
You'll need iOS 7+ or Android 4.4+ to use the app.


Talk to us!

Clearview House,
24 Bamel Way,
Gloucester Business Park,
Gloucester GL3 4BH
United Kingdom